VR Powered Training for Healthcare

Building Better Sterile Processing Teams


Titan Autonomous is revolutionizing the process of training surgical support teams through our virtual reality powered training platform, VRdical™.

As surgical tools become more complex, cleaning and sterilizing equipment become more complicated. We help Sterile Processing Departments (SPD) develop and maintain technical proficiencies by using VR powered training tools that are capable of keeping up with the rapid advancements in medical technology.

An efficient SPD created through VRdical™ equates to decreasing costs from reduced OR delays, equipment damage, and high turnover rates, while increasing levels of both employee and patient satisfaction.

Complex Surgical Equipment Requires Innovative and Effective Learning Tools

Advanced surgical equipment requires complex cleaning and sterilization techniques. However, equipment manufacturers often fail to provide adequate care and maintenance documentations, which can lead to improperly sterilized and contaminated surgical tools.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap Between Technology and Technicians

VRdical™ bridges the knowledge gap between equipment manufacturers and technicians by integrating best practices into an immersive environment where individuals learn and practice through repetition of fundamental movements in a spatial setting.

Virtual Reality Powered Training Works - Practice, Learn, and Assess Technical Competencies

Individuals using VR powered training improve their time on task and see major increases in efficiency. The cost, scalability, and ability to iterate are some of the reasons to use VR powered training as a primary means for employees to learn. As an out-of-the-box solution, VRdical™ is both cost and performance effective.

VRdical™ is Both Scalable and Ready for Enterprise Deployments

VRdical™ integrates with preexisting learning management systems as well as custom analytic tools to provide hospital administrators with high visibility and insight into technician competencies and performance levels. VRdical™ also deploys through the cloud to rapidly provide technicians with the latest in technical training.

Titan Autonomous' VRdical™

  • Easy to Access - Easy to Use

    As a near out-of-the-box solution, Titan Autonomous developed VRdical™ to rapidly deploy on any site with little time and cost required for technical developments. VRdical™ is accessible as an effective learning tool for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers of nearly every size.
  • Developed by a team of experts

    We are not just a team of technical developers. We are a team of physicians and industry leaders who understand the processes in both healthcare management and human capital development.

Want to see how VRdical™ can impact your team's level of care?