High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA)

Virtually every company in every market collects data from their customers.

More and more industries are aggregating large sets of consumer data and seeking ways to monetize it. As one example, HPDA helps businesses develop consumer behavior models, demand sensing and other strategies to more efficiently deploy limited capital resources within businesses.

HPDA can provide a strategic advantage to any industry, with the proper use of modeling, simulation and real-time prediction, all of which require HPC solutions to run effectively. By making real-time predictions, companies can identify new ways to both make and to save money.

Simply put, any business that collects data can benefit from it by using HPC to run HPDA.

From consumer behavior to migration to weather prediction to market analysis, the growing market for HPDA that uses HPC is already widening the contributions to science, the marketplace and society. HPDA promises to play a major role in both seizing the opportunities and meeting the challenges of the future.


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